Thursday, March 26, 2009

scools out lets shout!!

guess where we went...


I hate roller coasters i do but...

this one was fun!!!!!!

I loved space mountian, too bad i don't have any pictures!!

I hated the haunted mansion!!!!!(scary!!!)

autopia was fun! I got a drivers license !!!


  1. That looks like lots of fun! Space Mountain is my favorite!! Did you go on the Matterhorn? I love that one, too. Hey, happy birthday tomorrow. We're going to celebrate when we come out there, okay?

  2. Kass, I am glad you got your divers license, can you drive me around!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. you guys should see the cute picture on the drivers license! I would have to agree that space mountain is the best ride there! I love how its all dark and you cant see where your going :)

    happy birthday kassidy!

  4. Way cool Kass! Looks like you had fun, Im jealous!

  5. Kass, You look like you are having a great time. I wish me and Gramps could have gone with you guys. Two thumbs up on Space Mountain. It is always a good one. love ya sweet thing.

  6. great but i love the haunted mantion. and i got a drivers lisens too. and i love the rollercoaster

  7. you need to post this was 2 years ago .

  8. You need to post, this was THREE years ago! I didn't even live in Arizona when I replied the first time!!